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Urinary Incontinence Management


As women age and give birth, oftentimes they will experience urinary leakage issues.  Sometimes this is caused by prior surgcial procedures; giving birth and other processes that generally weaken the pelvic floor muscles causing leakage when you stand; sneeze or otherwise strain the abdominal area.  There are many different reason for this condition but there are also non-invasive evaluation and treatment methods available.

Our office performs a minimally invasive test to determine if you have incontinence issues.  This diagnostic test in commonly referred to as a Urodynamics test and is generally covered by your insurance.  This test is actually a compilation of multiple tests and indicates the type of incontinence you might have.  That in turn would indicate the medical direction for treatment.

One of the least invasive treatments for inconinence is Pelvic Floor Therapy (PFT).  This is a series of tests conducted over a number of weeks that involves evaluating your pelvic floor muscles to identify the muscle groups that would need strengthening... thereby improving your condition.

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